Weitere Labormethoden

Über die spezifische Erregerdiagnostik hinaus bieten wir eine umfangreiche weitere Labordiagnostik an. Dies geschieht in Kooperation mit Fremdlaboren wie dem Diagnostikzentrum Ulm unter der ärztlichen Leitung von PD Dr. M. Susa.

Dazu gehören unter anderem Stressprofile oder der SIBO-Test (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth – Syndrom). Die SIBO-Teste, die die Fehlbesiedlung des Dünndarms testen, bietenn wir in Kooperation mit dem MVZ Institut für Mikroökologie, Herborn, für Patienten in Deutschland an. Für Patienten im Ausland arbeiten wir hier mit dem LA Intergrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition Center (USA) unter der ärztlichen Leitung von Dr. Farshad Rahbar zusammen.

In Kooperation mit dem Biosalud Day Hospital bieten wir unten stehende Tests an. Eine Übersicht der angebotenen zusätzlichen Leistungen finden Sie auf unserem Laborauftrag.

CANDITEST®, nutritional and metabolic profile Analysis of various urine metabolites corresponding to mycosis, bacteriosis and intestinal permeability. Markers of the metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates, oxalates, the Krebs cycle, neurotransmitters, pyrimidines – folic acid. Nutritional markers Bone and amino acid metabolites. Detoxification indicators. First urine in the morning –FROZEN 3-4 weeks
GUTCHECK URINE Urinalysis that indicates the existence of infections by bacteria, intestinal fungi and level of permeability. Recommended for repetitions after treatment. First urine in the morning –FROZEN 3-4 weeks
GLUTEN AND CASEIN NEUROPEPTIDES Detection of increased production of Gluteomorphine and caseomorphine. Analysis that studies the transformation of casein or gluten in morphine derivatives. Important in autistic disorders and other chronic diseases. First urine in the morning –FROZEN 3-4 weeks
HEAVYMETALSCHECK® HAIR Analysis that determines the level of toxicity by heavy metals and quantification of the mineral reserves of the organism. HAIR 15 days
HEAVYMETALSCHECK® URINE Analysis that determines the level of heavy metal excretion in the urine. In order to check if the chelation treatment is going well. Urine of 6 hours –REFRIGERATE 15 days
AMINOACIDCHECK® URINE Analysis to quantificate the aminoacids. Good for childs. First urine in the morning –FROZEN 3 weeks
AMINOACIDCHECK® PLASMA Analysis to quantificate the aminoacids. Blood sample in lithium heparin tube 2 weeks
FOODGEN® Genetic study which analyzes the 20 genes related to genetic nutritional needs, including genetic intolerance to gluten and lactose, caffeine sensitivity, lipid metabolism, oxidative stress, vitamin D and B metabolism, salt sensitivity, alcohol sensitivity,… It is done once in a lifetime and allows us to follow a personalized diet according to our DNA. It provides nutritional guidelines for weight loss or weight maintenance based on refined carbohydrate sensitivity and saturated fat sensitivity. Swab to take a sample from inside the cheeks of the mouth 1 month
FOODINT® Analysis of food intolerances to 320 foods and additives. drop of blood in a tube 2-3 days
KOPROCHECK® X3 Stool analysis for the quantification of intestinal flora, fungal infections, bacteria, yeast and intestinal parasites. Existence of inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and immune situation. Cultivation of beneficial, commensal and pathogenic bacteria. Yeast cultures. Microscopic analysis of yeasts, Aeromonas, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, Yersinia & Edwardsiella tarda. Parasite isolation. Immunoassay of Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Stool markers of inflammation and digestion / absorption. Fatty acids of short chain. Ig A secretory. Macroscopic appearance of the stool. And if applicable, antibiogram or fungigram and also sensitivity to treatment with natural antibacterials or antifungals. Stool samples for 3 consecutive days –REFRIGERATE– –FREEZE THE SAMPLE WITH THE WHITE CAP- 3-4 weeks
GUTCHECK STOOL Stool analysis for the quantification of intestinal flora and fungal or bacteria infections. And if applicable, antibiogram or fungigram and also sensitivity to treatment with natural antibacterials or antifungals. Recommended for repetitions after treatment to check the effectiveness of the treatment. stool sample –REFRIGERATE 15 days