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Flow Cytometry

CD57+immune cells can correlate with pathogen activity and indicate a weakened immune system. They are used as diagnostic markers.

The CD57+immune cells are measured using an established method of flow cytometry, which is used in many areas of medicine for cell characterisation. The CD57+ cells belong to the group of natural killer (NK) cells.



1 x heparin tube + 1 x EDTA tube (do not centrifuge, store at room temperature, do not cool).

Analytical test duration:

2 days

(Note: Taking into account the pre- and post-analytical work processes, the report of findings is usually prepared in approx. 1 week).

Accounting according to GOÄ:

  • 2 x digit 3696 (2 different antigen approaches) Factor 1.15
  • 1 x digit 3550 and 1 x digit 3551 (large blood count) Factor 1.15


Further literature and studies can be found here.


We also analyse your complete immune status:

The following parameters are included:

  • CD57 positive NK killer cells
  • CD3+ T lymphocytes (relative)
  • CD4+ T lymphocytes (relative)
  • CD8+ T lymphocytes (relative)
  • CD3+/HLADR+ T lymphocytes (relative)
  • NKT cells CD3+/CD16+/56+ (relative)
  • NK cells CD16+/CD56+ (relative)
  • CD19+ B lymphocytes (relative)
  • CD19+/CD5+ B lymphocytes (relative)

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