In the majority of cases, Lyme disease infections can be cured; however, long-term treatment is often required.

Drawing on his 20+ years of experience in the field of Lyme disease, Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, MD PhD and Medical and Executive Director of the BCA-clinic has developed a holistic therapy approach to treat patients suffering from Tick- borne Diseases (incl. Lyme disease) and other chronic infections.

The therapy schemes are based on ILADS guidelines (incl. J.J. Burrascano, 2008), the recommendations of the German Borreliosis Society and the extensive experience of the cooperating physicians of the BCA-clinic.

Every patient receives an individual therapy plan based on the physicians’ diagnostics; the resulting therapy plans can range from simple courses of antibiotics to complex treatment when dealing with chronic forms of Lyme disease.

Patients who do not wish to or are unable to carry out an antibiotic treatment (i.e. because of intolerances, allergy or bad blood results) can receive alternative naturopathic treatment schemes from us.

 The central focus of our therapy is high-dose antibiotic treatment, monitored for several weeks by a physician, which will fight, reduce and/or eliminate Borrelia bacteria and strengthen the patients’ immune systems.  In the cases of chronically ill Lyme disease patients, we also encourage lifestyle changes to help reduce chronic inflammation and boost their immune systems.

The BCA-clinic prides itself on offering supporting therapies in addition to or even instead of antibiotic treatment.  These supporting therapies include:

▪   Naturopathic therapies

▪   Dietary supplements

▪   Wide range of physiotherapy

▪   Photon and electro therapies

▪   High-Tone therapy

▪   Magnetic field therapy

▪   Light therapy

▪   Nutritional advice

▪   Exercise programs

and are offered as either single treatments or as part of the weekly Lyme Compact Treatment Program, also known as the Comprehensive Program.

The dietary consultation shows patients measures that can be easily implemented, such as consistent fluid intake, enough fresh air and UV-light, light therapy, etc.  Lyme disease patients often have an acidic milieu, which Borrelia bacteria needs to survive.  By a detoxification of the body and the strengthening of organs through alkaline diet and supplements, avoiding certain foods and eating beneficial ones such as healthy fatty acids, fish and fruits, patients stand a much higher chance of a full recovery.  Furthermore, ill people with vitamin deficiencies should also be treated.

By working in conjunction with the supporting therapies, antibiotics can destroy Borrelia bacteria more effectively.  Therapies such as oxygen therapy and dietary supplements can reduce the side effects of the antibiotics; in fact, if patients wish to avoid antibiotic treatment altogether, a combination of natural remedies and supporting therapies can be implemented instead.

As many Lyme disease patients suffer from severe, often chronic pain that’s triggered by inflammatory reactions of the immune system, the BCA-clinic and Medical Partnership focus on effective pain management.  Our doctors prescribe pain relievers as well as offering special services such as acupuncture, TENS-therapy and High-Tone therapy, which help patients gain confidence and approach their situation with a positive mindset.