Lyme-Disease (Borreliosis) is a multisystem disorder, which means that more organs and organ systems can be affected. That’s the reason why the patients of chronic Lyme Disease (Borreliosis) and co-infections show a series of unspecified, general symptoms (see overview). For this reason, it is often very difficult for all involved to assign these unspecified symptoms to chronic infections, especially because we face multiple infections a lot of the times.

You can use the checklist for symptoms of multi system diseases for further differentiation: checklist of symptoms EnglishFrench, SpanishItalianRussian and Finnish.


Most of the patient report:

– pain and ailments in batches: “They come and go …”

– a key date, or month: “When everything started …”

– a key date, or month: “When I became another person…”

– a key date, or month: “When their recurrent visits to specialists began…”

And at some point, patients are diagnosed solely as „psychologically ill”!