Lyme Compact Treatment Program (Comprehensive Treatment Program)

The BCA-clinic offers patients a treatment program that incorporates antibiotic (or naturopathic) treatment with a holistic therapy approach. The antibiotics are prescribed by specialists based on the results of complex diagnostics carried out in accordance with ILADS guidelines.  What makes our treatment unique is the way in which the supporting therapies work with the antibiotics to help patients overcome Lyme disease and co-infections as quickly, effectively and with as little discomfort as possible.

Even the naturopathic treatment can be started in the Lyme Compact Treatment Programme with a special scheme in Augsburg.

The Lyme Compact Treatment Program (LCTP), also known as the Lyme Comprehensive Treatment Program is aimed at chronic sufferers of Lyme disease and other Multi Infectious Disease Syndroms and implements lifestyle changes that will help them deal with their ailments, manage their pain and ultimately overcome the disease.The therapy also treats chronic inflammations, usually done in parallel to the Lyme treatment.

The LCTP has a multitude of benefits with regards to treating Lyme disease patients.  The dietary supplements, natural remedies, oxygen and electro therapies will implement better tolerance and effectiveness of the antibiotics.  The milieu therapy and diet advice help to detoxify patients’ bodies and strengthen organs while the exercise program will improve their bodies’ physique.

It is preferable for patients to undergo a 3-week program at the BCA-clinic, with the treatment continuing at home for a couple of weeks or months.

The LCTP is an intensive treatment program that enhances patients’ chances of recovery.  It also offers many other benefits that will benefit your day-to-day life, such as reduced stress, a healthy diet, nutrition advice, exercise programs and natural pain management techniques.

We are particularly proud of the friendly and professional support system that the BCA-clinic offers patients, in which our experts monitor their recovery, offer advice based on their wealth of experience in the field of Lyme disease and go out of their way to make them feel comfortable and well-informed.
Our therapies include: