Unser Team sucht Verstärkung: Mitarbeiter/in Verwaltung im Patientenkontakt mehrsprachig (deutsch, englisch, französisch), Teilzeit | February 15, 2017

Sie haben Interesse an abwechslungsreichen Tätigkeiten in einem engagierten Team mit netten Kolleginnen und Kollegen?


  • Direkter und telefonischer Patientenkontakt in vorwiegend deutscher und französischer, aber auch in englischer Sprache
  • Beratung der Patienten zum Leistungsangebot der BCA-clinic Augsburg und des BCA-lab
  • Dokumentation in deutscher Sprache im elektronischen Patientenverwaltungssystem TurboMed
  • Organisatorische Vor- und Nachbereitung von Patientengespräche
  • Terminvereinbarungen
  • Rechnungserstellung


  • solide französische und englische Sprachkenntnisse (in Wort und Schrift)
  • wünschenswert: eine weitere Fremdsprache

Es sind Bewerbungen von Quereinsteigern (wie Medizinische Fachangestellte, Dolmetscher, Sprachlehrer, Hotelfachangestellte mit fundierten sprachlichen Kenntnissen in Französisch und Englisch) ebenfalls willkommen. Bei Quereinsteigern stehen die Fremdsprachenkenntnisse im Vordergrund, an zweiter Stelle stehen Kenntnisse im Gesundheitswesen, die für die Arbeit notwendig sind. Allerdings wird das Interesse am medizinischen Thema gefordert.

Außerdem sollte der/die neue/n Mitarbeiter/in teamfähig und begeisterungsfähig sein. Es wird ein engagiertes Selbststudium in der Thematik der durch Zecken-übertragenen Erkrankungen sowie die Teilnahme an Fortbildungen erwartet.

Die ausgeschriebene Stelle soll in Teilzeit ab dem 01. März 2017 besetzt werden.

Für Rückfragen steht Ihnen folgender Ansprechpartner zur Verfügung:

Frau Karin Rudolph        Tel.: +49 (0) 821 455 471-0

Bitte senden Sie Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen per E-Mail an:


Frohe Weihnachten und ein Gutes Neues Jahr | December 20, 2016


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Einblicke: Der Infotag BCA-clinic & BCA-lab | October 11, 2016

Am 29. Oktober 2016 in der Zeit von 14 Uhr bis 17 Uhr veranstaltete die BCA-clinic Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG anlässlich ihres 10-jährigen Bestehens einen Infotag.

Ein spannender Tag in BCA-clinic und BCA-labor: 104 Besucher sind zu unserem Infotag in die Morellstraße gekommen. An Stationen konnten sie sich unterhaltsam über Zecken und Tests informieren, Zecken-entfernen üben und ein Quiz absolvieren.

Dr. Nicolaus und Infectolab-Vet Tierarzt Dr. Wolff erläuterten in Vorträgen Wissenswertes über “Borreliose & Mensch” und “Borreliose & Tier”.
Außerdem freuen wir uns sehr, dass wir Frau Brenner, die Leiterin der wiederbelebten Augsburger Borreliose-Selbsthilfegruppe des Borreliose und FSME Bund Deutschland e.V. mit einer Präsentation bei uns zu Gast haben durften.

Vielen herzlichen Dank allen Mitwirkenden und Besuchern für die spannenden Diskussionen und das rege Interesse! Es war uns eine große Freude.

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ATRE TV at BCA-clinic | October 02, 2016

And here a great ARTE-TV-story about the treatment of late-stage french Lyme patients in Germany – available in French and German.
Click here for the segment:

French or German

Statement of the BCA-clinic on the documentary entitled “Snyd eller Borrelia” of the Danish channel TV2 on 29.09.2016 | October 01, 2016

As we feared, the coverage of the Danish TV2 channel is grossly tendentious. In our view, it had unfortunately been orchestrated in a way that is purposefully unilateral against the treatment of patients suffering from late stages of Lyme borreliosis in Germany. Several patients, who had been interviewed by TV2, now complain on the TV2 website as well as on social media that the original content of their answers was misquoted i.e. that they criticised the German doctors rather than the poor health care in Denmark.

The testing procedures offered by BCA have proven their worth in Germany over many years in terms of detection and treatment of infections transmitted by ticks, and have been examined in numerous studies extensively and transparently documented on the BCA website. Strict attention is paid to the fact that all tests used in the BCA laboratory are of the respective highest available quality. Beyond pure detection, the cellular tests of the BCA additionally aim at providing the treating physicians with further diagnostic means, particularly with respect to the degree of activity of the Borrelia bacteria and the degree of inflammation. The BCA Research Department is working on a consistent further development of these tools.

A random sample covering individual weeks, which had been taken over several months, recently confirmed that even in the case of the BCA cellular tests, less than 15 percent of the samples on average had shown a clearly positive result   ̶   despite the basic population which had been preselected by the physicians as cases in which borreliosis may be suspected. With a representative sample from a basic population and/or total population which has not been preselected, this value would even be much lower.

Apart from that, the way of reasoning of the documentary is in no way acceptable from our viewpoint. It is being suggested that a great number of blood samples had been tested in the BCA laboratory and found to be positive. Those who were present during the shooting merely remember two test results which were presented, and a verification of the names announced in the documentary resulted in no further hits. In addition, according to the documents presented by the team of reporters, one of the two samples was particularly strongly positive for Bartonella   ̶   a frequent co-infection which, as far as we know, is not even included in the Scandinavian standard tests   ̶   and therefore could never be positive in the cited Danish comparative test.

In both cases, the serological tests carried out by the BCA were negative. Since these serological tests are normally offered as the only procedure in Denmark, it is simply natural that the Danish comparative test showed negative results, assuming that merely the test usual in Denmark had been performed. Those who have ever dealt with the topic of Borrelia testing know the problem that the weak point of the serological tests is deemed to be precisely the fact that their result is wrongly negative in certain stages of the infection, even if symptoms clearly exist, which leads to the infection being overlooked.

Besides that, as explained, laboratory test results are never the sole basis of a borreliosis diagnosis but serve as a laboratory or work diagnosis, as Dr. Nicolaus is correctly cited in the documentary.

In this context, it is important that the selection of the requested tests is made jointly by the physician and the patient in accordance with the symptoms and the questioning inferred therefrom. In the process, all serological and cellular test results are only ever sub-elements of the specific diagnosis of the individual case. This at least was correctly reflected in the documentary. Only in very few cases, Borrelia in a person’s body finally lead to the Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis. Then, it is the type and the severity of the symptoms that are decisive for a treatment and for the duration and type of the recommended treatment, but never a mere test result. Physicians treat ill patients, they do not treat tests. Lyme borreliosis is and continues to be a clinical diagnosis. We assure that the false patient in the documentary mentioned clearly more symptoms and further indications for borreliosis than it is being suggested here. Owing to medical confidentiality, we are unfortunately unable to publish the relevant documentation – even in the present case of an eminently massive and libellous attack.

Concerning the difference between clinical and laboratory diagnosis: this may be difficult for some to understand, but every treating physician who receives such a laboratory diagnosis knows this difference and acts accordingly. In addition, the BCA provides advice to treating external physicians as well if these have problems interpreting the test results. However, our laboratory currently always performs tests irrespective of whether it would be possible to mark the difference between “Borrelia” and “Lyme borreliosis” more strongly in order to ensure to an even greater extent that even a person who is not an English native speaker can recognize the difference immediately.
Furthermore, we point out as follows in light of recent events: the BCA-clinic does not offer dark-field microscopy, and therapy recommendations are never made unless a patient has personally consulted the treating physicians of the clinic.

Of course, we deeply regret that the much larger number of extremely satisfied, healed or very largely healed patients of the BCA-clinic did not get a chance at all to speak in the documentary. Even after the “attack”, using a hidden camera, falsified patients inventing stories, and pictures of alleged patients whom Dr. Nicolaus did not even know personally but who were dramatically imposed on us, we had offered the reporters on several occasions to support them in establishing such contacts. Obviously, nobody was interested in giving these patients the chance to express their views as well.


Your BCA Team

Visit from a French reporter | September 30, 2016

When one door closes an other one opens – A very impressingly well informed and emphatical French reporter had visited us to accompany a young french patient at BCA’s day clinic compact treatment.


10 years of BCA-clinic – Charity: The winners are announced! | September 23, 2016

The winners are … For more information, please click here!

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BCA-clinic and BCA-lab on tour! | September 22, 2016

 This autumn is again very active. Many conferences and fairs on “Borreliosis and co-infections” will take place. We will be participating with lectures and stands:

1. Oktober 2016

Tick-borne Diseases Symposium 2016 / Vis-a-Vis Symposium, London, Great Britain

For more information, click here!

8. Oktober 2016

A Critical Understanding of Lyme Disease & Associated Co-Infections, Regenerus Labs, London, Great Britain

For more information, click here!

3. – 5. Oktober 2016

International Conference on Infectious Disease & Diagnostic Microbiology, Vancouver, Canada


15. -16. Oktober 2016

17th Annual Scientific Conference (Lyme Disease Association), St. Paul, USA

For more information, click here!

24. Oktober 2016

Chronimed BENELUX, Belgium, Louvain-La-Neuve, Aula Magna, university site

Lyme & chronic diseases: where are we now?

For more information, click here!


Verstärkung gesucht! | August 09, 2016


Zur Unterstützung unseres Ärzteteams sind wir immer auf der Suche nach engagierten Ärzten/Ärztinnen in Voll- oder Teilzeit. Mehr erfahren Sie hier, Download.


Und für unser Labor suchen wir aktuell:

Servicelabor: MTLA, TA in Voll- oder Teilzeit

… mehr finden Sie auf unserer Homepage www.bca-lab.de!


(Deutsch) Zeckenlandkarte | February 26, 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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Charity – 10 years BCA-clinic | January 20, 2016

10 years of BCA-clinic: 10 years of experience in the areas of therapy and diagnostics for tick-borne diseases.
Over 25,000 patients were treated in Augsburg since the clinic was founded in 2006.
Seven doctors work under Dr. Nicolaus’ direction, treating patients from all over the world.
Over 30 employees in the area of therapy, laboratory and research are working to improve therapy and diagnostics methods.
For this anniversary, we would like to support the precious work of patients’ organizations and associations in the task of informing and assisting other patients.

Click here to read more about how you can use this support.

Pour des informations en français, cliquez ici.

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International analysis of Lyme treatment costs shows: BCA-clinic’s cost structure is moderate for patients! | December 10, 2015

We asked a group of students from the University of Augsburg and the LMU Munich to conduct a benefit-oriented study on behalf of the BCA-clinic and to compare the cost-benefit ratio of several medical practices that specialize in tick-borne diseases.

The study compares several medical practices around the world using publicly available information.

This proved to be a methodological challenge as the understanding of medical services and their invoicing structures varies in different countries, which meant that many values could not be compared directly.

Overall, the study showed that the cost of any therapeutic approach to tick-borne diseases is considerably higher in the USA than in Europe.

However, even within Europe, the BCA-clinic’s invoicing structure proves to be affordable and transparent due to its commitment to the official German Clearing System for Medical Services (GOÄ).


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions about this topic: datenbanken@bca-clinic.de


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Update Lyme Disease for Practitioners | December 02, 2015

The annual training for practitioners, organised by the BCA-clinic, will take place in Augsburg on February 27th 2016 at 9am. We will present updates to the following topics:

  1. Current aspects of diagnostics
  2. Current aspects of therapy
  3. Current aspects of studies

The following documents are available for you on the internet:

We would like to invite you to an informal „get-together“ on February 26th at 6.30pm at the Hotel Riegele.

Please note: this conference will be held in German.

Please find more information regarding booking of your accommodation on the registration form.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!


LymeSpot revised: The new generation EliSpot | March 09, 2015

EliSpot is used to detect an infection of borrelia and its co-infections on a cellular level; it is trustworthy and we have now been using it for several years. The first generation of enzymatic EliSpots provides important information about the infection from the cellular immune system.

We have now developed this test even further:

The new EliSpot, LymeSpot revised, delivers detailed information about the activity of the infection and /or inflammation. This test can better differentiate whether we are dealing with an active (specific effector-cells) or a latent (specific memory-cells) infection. It will now be possible to evaluate whether it is a patient’s infection, inflammation or autoimmune processes that are prevailing. In comparison with the EliSpot, which is based on the production of interferon-γ, LymeSpot also determines the cytokine IL-2. For more information, click here.


A new study to this was published on Febuary 12th 2015 showing the benefits for the therapeutic approach to determinate the two cytokines Gamma-Interferon and Interleukin-2, by EliSpot Assay in patients with acute and chronic Q-fever. Q-fever is also a tick-borne disease.  For the study, click here.