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Is It Possible to Transfer Lyme Disease from One Human to Another? | January 14, 2019

Lyme disease is becoming increasingly visible in our health landscape, with more focus being turned on it with every passing year. Previously, it was a condition that many people classified as either an ‘American disease’, or a ‘North-Eastern disease’ if you live in America. And while it’s true that there is a high incidence of the condition in states like Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont, Lyme has been recorded in every mainland state in the U.S., as well as almost all European and Asian countries. To say it is a worldwide epidemic is not hyperbole. Though more people are in the know about Lyme disease than ever before, not everyone is entirely sure how it’s contracted; for example, is it possible to transfer Lyme from person-to-person?  (more…)

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10 Ways Loved Ones Can Support Someone with Lyme Disease | January 07, 2019

Lyme disease can be a devastating condition to live with. It can affect a person both physically and emotionally, so it’s important that Lyme disease patients are given a great amount of support from their loved ones to help them manage and cope with their health issues. Have a friend or family member with Lyme disease? Here are 10 ways you can help support and care for them during their struggle.  (more…)

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Is Lyme Disease Carried Over From Mother to Child in the Womb? | December 31, 2018

Lyme disease patients have faced an ongoing battle over the past four decades, as the disease struggles to be legitimised in the eyes of the mainstream medical community. Fortunately, the tide seems to be turning, and in 2018, Lyme is more visible than ever before. It’s no longer thought of as solely a North-eastern American disease, but is now accepted to be a worldwide problem, with reported cases on every continent and every state in the U.S. Although there are still grey areas surrounding the acceptance of the chronic form of Lyme disease in some medical circles, when it comes to facing the problem of Lyme head on, the future looks optimistic. With this increased visibility, patients and medical professionals are starting to ask the hard questions about the contraction and transmission of the disease. One of the recurring issues is whether Lyme can be carried over from mother to child in the womb.  (more…)

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If You’re Worried About Lyme Disease, Here’s What You Should Do | December 24, 2018

Lyme disease can wreak havoc on both your body and your spirit. It makes sense that you would want to do whatever you can to steer clear of contracting it. Here are several steps you can take to keep yourself healthy and Lyme-free. (more…)

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Is Lyme Disease Sexually Transmitted? | December 17, 2018

Lyme disease is primarily transmitted by ticks; that much most people know. The link between the words ‘Lyme’ and ‘ticks’ is cemented in the public consciousness, so much so that in 2018, many will instinctively conjure images of ticks when they hear or read something concerning Lyme disease. This is certainly progress. The enigmatic disease was only discovered a mere 43 years ago, although it has been around for centuries. Since its discovery in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut, the disease has had a hard time being taken seriously, or at least being considered as the debilitating threat it undoubtedly is. Now that Lyme is finally becoming more visible in the mainstream medical community, patients and doctors alike are looking at ways it can be transmitted. One of the areas up for discussion is the possibility of sexual transmission.  (more…)

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Why Blood Tests Don’t Always Work For Chronic Lyme Disease | December 10, 2018

As most doctors and patients know, Lyme disease is a tricky thing to diagnose conclusively. Chances are that many patients didn’t just walk into a doctor’s office and get diagnosed with the disorder; they more than likely went through a number of different diagnoses before their doctors settled on Lyme. Unfortunately, there are many cases that don’t even make it to a successful diagnosis. This is due to combined problems of doctors not being fully literate when it comes to Lyme, compounded by the fact that many Lyme symptoms mimic the symptoms of other diseases, such as MS and fibromyalgia. As a result, many cases go undetected and misdiagnosed by medical professionals, to the extent that the cases of Lyme reported across any given year are expected to be drastically underestimated. A method does exist for the definitive detection of Lyme, but unfortunately these blood tests don’t always work for chronic Lyme disease.  (more…)

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My Battle With Misdiagnosis And Chronic Illness: Interview With Lyme Patient Marleen Van Der Moere | November 30, 2018

Most 17-year-old girls spend the majority of their time stressing about school, boy problems and friend drama. They don’t have to contend with major physical illnesses with symptoms like paralysis and severe headaches. For many years now, Marleen Van Der Moere has led a very different life from her peers. Instead of dealing with minor teen drama, Van Der Moere has been fighting for her life. The Holland native struggled with misdiagnoses for years before receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment at the BCA-clinic in Germany. But her struggle for good health has been a long and arduous one.  (more…)

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1975–2018: How Far We’ve Come Since Lyme Disease Was First Diagnosed | November 28, 2018

Lyme disease was first discovered in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut, in 1975, after a large number of the residents there complained of a mysterious debilitating illness. The bizarre set of symptoms, which couldn’t be pinned down to any existing condition, included skin rashes, fever, joint swelling and pain, elements of paralysis and chronic fatigue. The curious disorder plagued the town and surrounding areas for much of the 1960s and early 70s. After relentless patient advocacy, doctors finally sat up and took notice in 1975, grouping the symptoms together under one disorder and naming it Lyme disease, after the town. In the 43 years that have passed since, much progress has been made on the Lyme front – but unfortunately, many things have also stayed the same.  (more…)

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BCA-clinic - 1st Annual European Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease

The 1st Annual European Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease | November 26, 2018

On the 20th October 2018, the BCA-academy – in cooperation with the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation – held a successful 1st Annual European Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease in Augsburg, Germany. More than 40 physicians as well as patients and their close relatives travelled from all over the world (USA, Canada, The Netherlands, UK, Austria, Italy, Germany, etc) to attend the conference.



In the next few months we will start organising the 2nd Annual European Conference on Morgellons Disease. If you would like to receive more information, please send us an email on info@bca-academy.com.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our newsletter to make sure that you’re always up to date on the latest news and conferences, plus any other relevant information regarding the BCA-clinic!

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Lyme Disease Often Gets Misdiagnosed for These 4 Illnesses | November 19, 2018

People with Lyme disease often struggle to get the correct diagnosis. Some individuals have faced an uphill battle for years, fighting to get doctors to take their symptoms seriously. One of the main issues is that Lyme disease can sometimes mimic a variety of other conditions, including fibromyalgia, lupus and arthritis. In fact, if you think you might have Lyme disease but have been diagnosed with another condition, it’s critical that you get a proper diagnosis so that you can begin the proper treatment for Lyme disease as soon as possible. Here are four of the most common misdiagnoses for Lyme disease patients.


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6 Activities That Are Likely to Lead to Tick Bites | November 12, 2018

Getting bitten by a tick can be very dangerous. Tick bites can cause an infection, which can lead to the chronic condition of Lyme disease, not to mention a whole host of co-infections; ticks can carry over 500 (known) bacteria types in their guts, so they are one insect that should be avoided if at all possible. There are some activities that are more likely to lead to tick bites. Here’s a list of instances where you should be even more cautious of ticks. (more…)

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5 Myths About Morgellons Disease | November 05, 2018

Morgellons disease is an enigmatic disorder surrounded by misinformation and cynicism. It is extremely difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to Morgellons, a problem compounded by the scant knowledge that exists concerning its cause, symptoms and treatment. It is a relatively young disorder, first discovered in 2001 by a concerned mother; despite it initially being written off as Munchausens by proxy, thousands of other sufferers have come forward in the years since. For a disease with such a specific, unique set of symptoms, the fact that it is being ignored by the medical community at large is a constant source of frustration and bewilderment for patients.


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Inflammation Vs. Infection in Lyme Disease | October 29, 2018

The medical community at large understands very little about Lyme disease. This has been proven time and time again by a slew of misdiagnoses, derision, suspicion, ridicule and accusation aimed at chronic Lyme sufferers, and this is even before the actual treatment of the condition has begun. Even then, Lyme is a particularly difficult disorder to combat, as the severity of the symptoms depends on how long it’s been in the body. Not only that, but Lyme disease changes its symptoms overtime, starting out as flu-like in the acute stage, before progressing to a series of debilitating chronic ailments over time.


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Is Lyme Disease Becoming More Prevalent In Europe And The U.S.? | October 22, 2018

Lyme has been around for many years. It was christened in 1975, after a group of physicians investigated a number of similar complaints in the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme in Connecticut, but it had been plaguing people all over the world for centuries before that. Forty-three years on from the initial diagnosis, we still haven’t got a good handle on what exactly constitutes Lyme disease. Certain medical circles believe the whole thing is a myth, merely a delusion dreamed up by people unwilling to age gracefully. As bizarre and insulting as that sounds to many patients who suffer the debilitating effects of Lyme on a day-to-day basis, it’s indicative of the small progress we’ve made so far. Meanwhile, what sort of progress is Lyme making across the world?  (more…)

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What Effect Does Global Warming Have On Lyme Disease? | October 15, 2018

It’s an inconvenient truth that Lyme disease is spreading. It’s no longer confined to the North Eastern United States, where it was first diagnosed and christened, but has infected every single state in the U.S., with the exception of Hawaii. The disease is on the rise in Europe, too; previously, it could largely be found in mid-European countries like Estonia and the Czech Republic, but now spans the full length of the continent, from Russia to Ireland. Amazingly, in the face of this growing epidemic, chronic Lyme is still not considered a legitimate disease in most medical circles, meaning huge numbers of cases go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed every year. Global warming has been proven to play a significant part in this increase – but why, exactly? And what effect does it have on Lyme disease?  (more…)

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Why Morgellons Disease Is Still Not Taken Seriously… And Why It Really Should Be | October 08, 2018

There are a number of diseases and conditions that aren’t taken seriously by the medical community at large, instead having the reputation of being forms of delusion or overstatement on behalf of the patient. One of those diseases is chronic Lyme, a severely debilitating disorder that is currently on the increase all over the globe. The controversial nature of chronic Lyme means that it’s rarely considered as a primary diagnosis, and unless patients seek out a Lyme-literate doctor or really push for Lyme-specific tests, there is little chance of it being diagnosed or treated properly. Morgellons disease is another disorder that isn’t taken seriously, which is all the more perplexing when you consider how specific and unusual the symptoms are.  (more…)

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Why More And More People Are Being Diagnosed With Lyme Disease | October 01, 2018

Although people have been dealing with its debilitating effects for centuries, Lyme disease was first christened in the 1970s in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut. Subsequently, Lyme was considered very much a northeastern problem in the U.S., and very much a U.S. problem for those outside America. Unfortunately, the truth is that Lyme disease is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic, with cases on the rise all over the globe. Europe has just as many cases of the disease as America, while every state in the U.S. bar Hawaii has been infected with Lyme. As it stands in 2018, Lyme is the fastest growing infectious bacterial disease in America, and is twice as common as breast cancer. So why exactly are more and more people being diagnosed with Lyme, and what does it mean for the future of the disease?


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BCA-lab Has Received Reaccreditation From DAkkS | September 26, 2018

We’re happy to announce that our laboratory has achieved successfully its reaccreditation in April 2018.

BCA-lab has been reaccredited since 2013 and a partial audit is being carried out annually by the DAkkS (Germany accreditation authority).

Every five years the entire laboratory is reaccredited, during which our new tests – such as the immune status – are being reviewed. (more…)

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5 Ways Lyme Can Debilitate Patients | September 20, 2018

Lyme disease is a dangerously debilitating disorder that can cripple a patient in many different ways. Because the symptoms of Lyme are largely caused by each sufferer’s autoimmune response, the type and severity of debilitation can vary from case-to-case. However, one thing is for certain; if Lyme is allowed to progress past its acute stage, there’s no telling how much damage it can visit upon a patient’s body. Nobody knows this better than the BCA Clinic, who are specialists in holistically treating tick-borne diseases such as Lyme. They have witnessed many varied incidents of the chronic form of the condition, and know exactly how devastating it can be if left unchecked. As education is an important weapon in combating the spread of this most insidious of diseases, here are five critical ways a patient can be chronically debilitated by Lyme.


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Is The LymeSpot Revised More Effective Than The Traditional ELISpot? | September 17, 2018

Accurate testing for Lyme disease has always been somewhat problematic. Unlike many other conditions, there is no single surefire way to test for chronic Lyme. The symptoms are often reminiscent of the primary symptoms of other chronic disorders, and misdiagnosis is an extremely common occurrence. In fact, it is entirely possible for certain Lyme tests to come back negative, but for the patient to still have Lyme; much of the success of these tests depends on the time of testing, what stage the disease is at, and whereabouts in the body the offending bacteria can be found, or not found as the case may be. Traditionally, the best way to test for Lyme was through a procedure called the ELISpot, but in recent years, tried and tested Lyme labs such as BCA-clinic have transitioned to a new, more effective test: the LymeSpot Revised.


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Which Lyme Co-Infections Are Most Dangerous? | September 13, 2018

When people think of Lyme disease, they usually imagine it as one singular disorder. In fact, Lyme can come with a host of co-infections, as is the nature of tick-borne diseases. Ticks survive by feeding on different hosts, and as such, they can pick up numerous bacteria during their lives. When they attach themselves to humans, they can transmit the bacteria into the bloodstream via a single bite. Although the overriding infection is known as Lyme, each patient may be infected to a different degree of severity, depending on what specific bacteria the tick was carrying at the time.


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BCA - Morgellons Fibres

Why is Morgellons Often Misdiagnosed as Delusional Parasitosis? | August 20, 2018

The mysteries surrounding Morgellons make it prone to all sorts of conjecture, speculation and suspicion. Whether you’re sceptical about its legitimacy or convinced of its reality, the fact that we understand so little about the disorder doesn’t help to further either point of view. Those who suffer from Morgellons know all too well that it’s a very real and very debilitating disease; yet patients who approach their doctors with the issue are often written off as suffering from a mental disorder as opposed to a physical one. With so many physically manifesting symptoms, it’s hard to believe that doctors can conflate them all under a blanket mental health diagnosis; yet this is often the case, as Morgellons patients are routinely told they are suffering from a condition known as delusional parasitosis. Why exactly is this, and where do the two disorders overlap? (more…)

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5 Myths About Lyme Disease | August 09, 2018

Most people have heard of Lyme disease but the majority would be hard pressed to describe the mechanics of it, or the exact effects it has on a patient’s body. That’s not entirely their fault; Lyme is a particularly tricky disease to come to terms with and understand. Many doctors still don’t fully grasp the long-term effects, which transform dramatically over time and provide Lyme with its nom de guerre ‘The Great Imitator’, describing the disease’s frustrating ability to mimic other disorders. (more…)

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5 Diseases Lyme is Often Mistaken For | August 02, 2018

We’re used to trusting our doctors and generally accept whatever diagnosis they give us without question. However, when it comes to Lyme disease, especially the chronic development of the disorder, it can really pay to demand a specific Lyme test from your medical professional. Lyme is often nicknamed ‘The Great Imitator’, as it’s adept at mimicking the symptoms of several other well-known degenerative physical and mental disorders, and presenting as them. Adding to the confusion is the unfortunate fact that many medical professionals across the world are woefully uneducated when it comes to Lyme and its treatment; chronic Lyme is still regarded as a fabricated disease in some circles, despite continued and clear evidence to the contrary. (more…)

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Why is Lyme Disease Often Viewed as an American Problem? | July 30, 2018

Lyme disease is a controversial and often misunderstood topic among medical professionals and patients alike. However, it represents a serious, insidious threat to the global population’s health, as it’s one of the most common vector-borne – and fastest growing – diseases out there. Compounding the danger is the fact that very few doctors understand the true implications of long-term Lyme infection, and how debilitating it can be for patients. Despite Lyme being a worldwide problem, many people in Europe believe it to be an ‘American’ disease, as much of the focus on the disorder has come from the U.S. Where does Lyme get this reputation from, and why is this myth so dangerous to potential sufferers outside of America?


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Dr. Nicolaus’ recent interview for London Heal is now live! | July 25, 2018

Das Interview ist in Englisch und kann auf folgenden Links zugegriffen werden:

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BCA-research team detects tick carrying Borrelia miyamotoi in Augsburg | February 20, 2018

During the last years, a certain type of Borrelia of Asian origin has been detected in only a few places across Europe and the US. In Asia, Borrelia miyamotoi is well-known as cause of relapsing fevers and pain. In Germany Borrelia miyamotoi has been scientifically verified at Lake Constance and near Munich up to now. Most recently the BCA-research team identified Borrelia miyamotoi DNA in a common local tick in our local tick studies at Augsburg.

For full research abstract, please check: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10493-018-0220-8

Picture: Using the specific PCR, the scientist can identify different species of Borrelia based on the size of the band on the Agarose-gel.

For getting the whole paper please download directly at Springer Medien site (fee-based). In case of any further questions, please contact: forschung@bca-lab.de.

We improved our service! | December 15, 2017

Please send your future requests to the corresponding email addresses:


If you prefer to speak on the phone, you can reach us on +49 821 455 471 0
Mon-Thu between 08.00 – 13.00 hours and 14.00 – 17.00 hours
Fridays between 08:00 – 14:00 hours

We would like to draw your attention to the holidays: the BCA-clinic is closed from 23.12.2017 until 07.12.2018. The laboratory will continue its service throughout this period.

ATRE TV at BCA-clinic | October 02, 2016

And here a great ARTE-TV-story about the treatment of late-stage french Lyme patients in Germany – available in French and German.
Click here for the segment:

French or German

Visit from a French reporter | September 30, 2016

When one door closes an other one opens – A very impressingly well informed and emphatical French reporter had visited us to accompany a young french patient at BCA’s day clinic compact treatment.

(Deutsch) Zeckenlandkarte | February 26, 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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LymeSpot revised: The new generation EliSpot | March 09, 2015

EliSpot is used to detect an infection of borrelia and its co-infections on a cellular level; it is trustworthy and we have now been using it for several years. The first generation of enzymatic EliSpots provides important information about the infection from the cellular immune system.

We have now developed this test even further:

The new EliSpot, LymeSpot revised, delivers detailed information about the activity of the infection and /or inflammation. This test can better differentiate whether we are dealing with an active (specific effector-cells) or a latent (specific memory-cells) infection. It will now be possible to evaluate whether it is a patient’s infection, inflammation or autoimmune processes that are prevailing. In comparison with the EliSpot, which is based on the production of interferon-γ, LymeSpot also determines the cytokine IL-2. For more information, click here.


A new study to this was published on Febuary 12th 2015 showing the benefits for the therapeutic approach to determinate the two cytokines Gamma-Interferon and Interleukin-2, by EliSpot Assay in patients with acute and chronic Q-fever. Q-fever is also a tick-borne disease.  For the study, click here.