BCA-research team detects tick carrying Borrelia miyamotoi in Augsburg | February 20, 2018

During the last years, a certain type of Borrelia of Asian origin has been detected in only a few places across Europe and the US. In Asia, Borrelia miyamotoi is well-known as cause of relapsing fevers and pain. In Germany Borrelia miyamotoi has been scientifically verified at Lake Constance and near Munich up to now. Most recently the BCA-research team identified Borrelia miyamotoi DNA in a common local tick in our local tick studies at Augsburg.

For full research abstract, please check: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10493-018-0220-8

Picture: Using the specific PCR, the scientist can identify different species of Borrelia based on the size of the band on the Agarose-gel.

For getting the whole paper please download directly at Springer Medien site (fee-based). In case of any further questions, please contact: forschung@bca-lab.de.

We improved our service! | December 15, 2017

Please send your future requests to the corresponding email addresses:


If you prefer to speak on the phone, you can reach us on +49 821 455 471 0
Mon-Thu between 08.00 – 13.00 hours and 14.00 – 17.00 hours
Fridays between 08:00 – 14:00 hours

We would like to draw your attention to the holidays: the BCA-clinic is closed from 23.12.2017 until 07.12.2018. The laboratory will continue its service throughout this period.

Opening hours BCA-clinic and BCA-lab during festive season | December 04, 2017

This is an important note for all people wanting to see our doctor, visit our lyme day clinic or send blood samples for lymetest to BCA-clinic:

Please note BCA-clinic will be closed between 25th December 2017 and 5th January 2018.

The laboratory will be busy in between. But: Patients who are intending to send blood samples to our BCA-lab, please ensure they will arrive in good time! Due to public holidays the samples will need to be with us by 22nd December the latest or between 27th and 29th December.

From 2nd January our laboratory services will be running as usual.

ATRE TV at BCA-clinic | October 02, 2016

And here a great ARTE-TV-story about the treatment of late-stage french Lyme patients in Germany – available in French and German.
Click here for the segment:

French or German

Visit from a French reporter | September 30, 2016

When one door closes an other one opens – A very impressingly well informed and emphatical French reporter had visited us to accompany a young french patient at BCA’s day clinic compact treatment.

BCA-clinic and BCA-lab on tour! | September 22, 2016

 This autumn is again very active. Many conferences and fairs on “Borreliosis and co-infections” will take place. We will be participating with lectures and stands:

1. Oktober 2016

Tick-borne Diseases Symposium 2016 / Vis-a-Vis Symposium, London, Great Britain

For more information, click here!

8. Oktober 2016

A Critical Understanding of Lyme Disease & Associated Co-Infections, Regenerus Labs, London, Great Britain

For more information, click here!

3. – 5. Oktober 2016

International Conference on Infectious Disease & Diagnostic Microbiology, Vancouver, Canada


15. -16. Oktober 2016

17th Annual Scientific Conference (Lyme Disease Association), St. Paul, USA

For more information, click here!

24. Oktober 2016

Chronimed BENELUX, Belgium, Louvain-La-Neuve, Aula Magna, university site

Lyme & chronic diseases: where are we now?

For more information, click here!

(Deutsch) Zeckenlandkarte | February 26, 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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International analysis of Lyme treatment costs shows: BCA-clinic’s cost structure is moderate for patients! | December 10, 2015

We asked a group of students from the University of Augsburg and the LMU Munich to conduct a benefit-oriented study on behalf of the BCA-clinic and to compare the cost-benefit ratio of several medical practices that specialize in tick-borne diseases.

The study compares several medical practices around the world using publicly available information.

This proved to be a methodological challenge as the understanding of medical services and their invoicing structures varies in different countries, which meant that many values could not be compared directly.

Overall, the study showed that the cost of any therapeutic approach to tick-borne diseases is considerably higher in the USA than in Europe.

However, even within Europe, the BCA-clinic’s invoicing structure proves to be affordable and transparent due to its commitment to the official German Clearing System for Medical Services (GOÄ).


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions about this topic: datenbanken@bca-clinic.de


Update Lyme Disease for Practitioners | December 02, 2015

The annual training for practitioners, organised by the BCA-clinic, will take place in Augsburg on February 27th 2016 at 9am. We will present updates to the following topics:

  1. Current aspects of diagnostics
  2. Current aspects of therapy
  3. Current aspects of studies

The following documents are available for you on the internet:

We would like to invite you to an informal „get-together“ on February 26th at 6.30pm at the Hotel Riegele.

Please note: this conference will be held in German.

Please find more information regarding booking of your accommodation on the registration form.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

LymeSpot revised: The new generation EliSpot | March 09, 2015

EliSpot is used to detect an infection of borrelia and its co-infections on a cellular level; it is trustworthy and we have now been using it for several years. The first generation of enzymatic EliSpots provides important information about the infection from the cellular immune system.

We have now developed this test even further:

The new EliSpot, LymeSpot revised, delivers detailed information about the activity of the infection and /or inflammation. This test can better differentiate whether we are dealing with an active (specific effector-cells) or a latent (specific memory-cells) infection. It will now be possible to evaluate whether it is a patient’s infection, inflammation or autoimmune processes that are prevailing. In comparison with the EliSpot, which is based on the production of interferon-γ, LymeSpot also determines the cytokine IL-2. For more information, click here.


A new study to this was published on Febuary 12th 2015 showing the benefits for the therapeutic approach to determinate the two cytokines Gamma-Interferon and Interleukin-2, by EliSpot Assay in patients with acute and chronic Q-fever. Q-fever is also a tick-borne disease.  For the study, click here.