From our guest book:


Karine, France, 17.11.2017

L’équipe est très à l’écoute des patients. Les infirmière sont formidable! Merci pour votre soutier et votre aide.


Jenny, England, 3.11.2017

Thank you for all of your help and support through this treatment. You have taught me so much and everybody has been so kind. Good luck to all the other patients too. I finally feel like I can beat this.


Tony, Finnland, 3.11.2017

I have been learning a lot, hopefully this will be over soon.

Thank you all!


Patient France, 3.11.2017

Un grand merci à toute l’equipe du BCA. En esperant que les possibilités de soins fassent des progrès en France! Encore BRAVO


Bernhard, Norway, 27.10.2017

Vielen Dank für drei wichtige Wochen. Bernhard hat harte Tage gehabt, aber wir hoffen, dass die Form besser wird, wenn wir nach Hause kommen. Die Anordnung hier ist super und wir haben sehr gute Follow-up erhalten. Heute Nachmittag reisen wir zurück nach Norwegen. Vielen Dank für Ihre gute Hilfe und Fürsorge.


P. C, France, 22.09.2017

A toute l’équipe de la BCA un très grand merci pour votre gentillesse, votre disponibilité et votre compétence! J’espére de tour coeur que dans le future, les médicines d’Europe pouvrant apprendre votre expérience!


Michelle, United Kingdom, 21.09.2017

We would like to share our success of treating our two sons for Chronic Lyme Disease through BCA. This time last year we had two very poorly boys who were struggling with a long list of symptoms which the UK could not diagnose. Through blood testing at BCA, we discovered that both boys had the same as me, Chronic Lyme Disease. Our 17 year old was removed from school last November as he was no longer able to cope with studying for A levels with chronic fatigue, brain fog and pain. Our 14 year old was in and out of school and managed only 33% attendance for the last academic year. Both boys have never had more than one or two days a year off school. Thankfully, in January this year they started treatment and we watched our boys slowly recover and their personalities reappear. Three weeks ago the eldest returned to college, is coping well with the workload, goes to the gym on his bike before school and also has the energy to socialise in the evenings. His teachers say that he is unrecognisable from this time last year and is performing at the top of his classes, as he was before the illness took hold. He has not mentioned any of his 40 symptoms for several weeks and is due to come off treatment in a couple of weeks. Our youngest is in school all day, walks home and has restarted playing for the local football team. He still has some fatigue and brain fog, but about 80% there and treatment will continue until he too is symptom free. We can’t thank BCA and Dr. Nicolaus enough for giving us our boys back.


René Sch., Germany, 18.08.2017

Eine Woche im BCA ist sicher nur der Anfang, aber ich bin sehr glücklich, dass es nun endlich vorwärts geht und mir zuhört und glaubt!

Danke an das ganze Team des BCA!


Christian F., Switzerland, 18.08.2017

Nach drei Wochen Therapie im BCA sind meine Gelenke viel besser! Ich habe lange nach kompetenten Ärzten suchen müssen, viel Schlimmes dabei erlebt, und nun hier im BCA meinen Behandlungsort des Vertrauens gefunden. Vielen herzlichen Dank all jenen, die diese Klinik aufgebaut haben und vielen herzlichen Dank allen, die sich hier täglich für Patienten wie mich einsetzen!


Claire, France, 27.07.2017

See this testimonial here (en français)


Lylian, France, 27.07.2017

See this testimonial here (en français)


Alison B., England, 21.07.2017

Thank you to all! My treatment here has been excellent. Very professional. I have learned a lot about how to help myself. A special thanks to Olga and Betty for all their help and to Markus and Wolfgang for their help and patience in answering my many questions.


Manuela R., Germany, 07.07.2017

Die Klinik kam mir sehr professionell vor, alle waren sehr freundlich und es war alles sehr gut organisiert. Die drei Wochen gingen sehr schnell vorbei.

Vielen Dank für Alles.


Ramel A., The Netherlands, 23.06.2017

Thanks for the staff at BCA-clinic for taking care of me.


Nima A., Canada, 09.06.2017

My stay at BCA-clinic was absolutely captivating and delightful. The team here was knowledgable and caring. I have gained precious experience and made some memories that I will never forget. Thank you for all you have done for me to regain my optimal health.


Eric Renaud (Olympic bronze medalist), France, 05.05.2017

See his testimonial here!


Victoria D., Sweden,  31.03.2017

Now we have been here for five weeks. We have had a great time. Everybody have been so kind and helpful. The whole team here at the clinic are very professional and tries very hard to do their best. We have learnt a lot. The recovery has started! And hopefully had returned!

Thank you so much for everything!


Nissaf K., France, 31.03.2017

Je remercie toute l’équipe BCA du Docteur Nicolaus en passant par les infirmières tous m’avez été d’un grand soutien et d’une grande aide tout au long de ces trois semaines de traitement. Malgré des symptômes persistants, mon état va mieux.

Merci encore tout particulièrement à Bettie et Olga.


Mother of Nissaf

Merci à Dr. Nicolaus et je vous souhaite bonne continuations pour se vous faites pour tout les malades.

Merci à toutes les infermières et toutes l’équipent.

Merci à C. qui m’a était d’une grande aide.


Marie-Noelle P., France, 17.03.2017

Merci à Betti, Olga, Markus et toute l’équipe pour leur accueil, disponibilité et compètence tout au long de mon séjour. Je repars avec beaucoup d’espérance…


Valentine T., France, 17.03.2017

Je suis arrivée avec une très grande appréhension sur ce traitement et ces trois semaines ici mais je repars plus heureuse que jamais!

Je suis arrivée en fauteuille roulant, sand pouvoir marcher mais après ces trois semaines, je suis capable de remarcher! Je n’y serai jamais parvenue sans l’incroyable équipe médicale et l’ensemble du personnel de la clinique.

Alors merci pour tout!


Satu K., Finland, 17.03.2017

Three weeks here, I have had a great time. There is a long way to go, still, with this illness but you gave me a lot of hope. You have a great team!

Drei Wochen hier, ich habe eine schöne Zeit gehabt. Es ist noch ein langer Weg zu gehen – aber Ihr habt mir viel Hoffnung gegeben. Ihr habe ein schönes Team! Ich bin dankbar!

Kolme viikkoa täällä, on ollut hienoa aikaa. Tämän sairauden kanssa on kuljettava vielä pitkä matka, mutte te annoitte minulle paljon toivoa. Teillä on loistava tiimi! Olen kiitolinen!


Valentine T., France, 04.03.2017

Je suis arrivée avec une très grande appréhension sur ce traitement et ces trois semaines ici mais je repars plus heureuse que jamais!

Je suis arrivée en fauteuile roulant, sans pouvoir marcher mais après ces 3 semaines, je suis capable de remarcher! Je n’y serai jamais parvenue sans l’incroyable équipe médicale et l’ensemble du personnel de la clinique.

Alors merci pour tout.


Ilse van G., Netherlands, 02.03.2017

After three weeks of compact treatment, I feel so much better! Really great! I came in a wheelchair, now I walk anywhere I want. The staff at the clinic is very nice and dear, I had a great time! Returning back to Holland I keep going to the gym and have all my medication because at home treatment will go on. I will go on! I can do it! I’m on the right way and I think everything will be okay in about one year!

Thank you very much!


Sandrine, France, 17.02.2017

Je ne dirai pas “désolé” mais MERCI.

Je suis arrivée sans trop savoir à quoi m’attendre… Et puis tout le personnel vous accueille chaleureusement, vous sourit, vous encourage chaque jour. Vous êtes pris en charge finallement et simplement. Vous vous trouvez au bon endroit.

Aujourd’hui je repars en meilleure forme.

Je suis redevenue quelqu’un!

Merci pour cela.


Widad, France, 10.02.2017

Und grand bravo à la clinique BCA!

Dr. Nicolaus, je vous suis très reconnaissante pour tout savoir et toutes vos recherches qui permettent à tous les malades de lyme de repreuche espoir dans la vie. Merci à tout le personnel pour sa disponibilité, son écoulé et sa réaclivité.

Olga et Bettina, … suivre illumine ce lieu merci aux meilleures infirmière du monde.


Jean F., France, 23.09.2016:

Vous qui allez lire ce mot,

Je m’appelle Jeanne, j’ai 17 ans. Cela fait 6 ans que mon état de santé se dégrade

grâce à la BCA clinique le diagnostique est tombé : lyme + co.infestions.

Je remercie Dr. Nicolaus et son équipe pour leurs savoirs et leurs suivies en continues durant ces trois dernières semaines.

Je recommande cette thérapie à tous ceux qui peuvent.

Merci pour tout.

Gardez cette atmosphère positive,

Je vous embrasse.


Paola B.v.H., Netherlands, 19.09.2016:

Dear everybody who works in the BCA clinic,

What a wonderful great team you are together. The reason why I needed to come wasn’t so nice but you all made my stay not as a horrible thing but as a wonderful vacation.

Thanks to all for all the help, smiles, nice talks, support and taking care of me.

Keep up with the great work.

Big hug from the dutch lymie


Paola & Chiara Vaccaro, Italy, 09.09.2016: 

Grazie per avere dato una speranza alla nostra vita.  Grazie per la disponibilita e la gentilezza. Betty e Olga, siete fantastici. E grazie al Dr. Nicolaus per avere dato continuo supporto in queste 3 settimane.

Thank you very much for all your help and care!


Sebastian K., Deutschland; 02.09.2016:

Liebes BCA-Team,

ich danke euch ganz herzliche für die tolle Betreuung!

Ich habe mich hier wie zu Hause gefühlt und freue mich sehr, dass ich erste Fortschritte bei meiner Therapie erleben konnte Weiter so!

Liebe Grüße


Tanja J.-R., Luxembourg; 02.09.2016:

Danke euch allen, danke für die große Aufmerksamkeit. Die Ärzte, die jederzeit verfügbar sind. Vielen Dank den Krankenschwestern! Olga und Betty sind sehr fein und haben viel Geduld mit den Patienten. DANKE!


Henrik H. with Paola, Enzo Greta & Mamma Marie, Norway, 19th of August 2016

Kära BCA Klinik.

Tack för att ni varit sa snella och tagit hand om mig.

Fina medarbetare, alla har varit sa underbara och nu hoppas jag att jag snart blir bättre och att all Kämpande skall ge ett bra resultat.


Joseph P., UK, 11th of August 2016

Dear BCA Augsburg,

I have been extremely impressed with the treatment here go the past three weeks. Thank you very much too all the staff for being so helpful and friendly in very situation – it creates a perfect environment go recovery!
Best regards


Bärbel K., Deutschland, 19.08.2016

Hallo alle meine Lieben,

Die Atmosphäre hier in der  BCA ist ein Aufheller für uns Borreliose-Geschädigten. Unsere Anliegen werden ernst genommen und es wird versucht, uns das Leben zu erleichtern. Herzlichen Dank Euch allen – ich besuche Euch demnächst wieder.


Maria P., Switzerland, 22nd of July 2016

It was a marvelous time I’ve spent in this clinic! For me it was the best time from I become ill! I recommended everybody to check to Lyme disease. Professional staff!

For Dr. Nicolaus!

As God gives you a double as I wish for me!


Manon St. from Nederlands, 13th July 2016:

I’m really thanking full for all the good help and care!

I’m feeling much better and looking forward for the future again.

Thank you all so much for the opportunity to get better and kill the bacteria.

Greetings and love, Manon


Karen + Felicity W. from UK, 6th May 2016:

We are so grateful to have found you, but it was hard to know who to put our trust in. It would have been very helpful to have had a few points made clear on your website.

This kind of information is REASSURING in the meantime. THANK YOU for helping.

We have gone from darkness to light.

Yours sincerely Karen W.


Shona + Joan from Irland, May 2016:

To Nurses, Doctors and all Staff at the BCA-clinic

Thanks so much for your kindness and help over the past 3 weeks.

From Shona + Joan


Veronica Hughes from UK, 31.03.2016:

Click here for the letter!


Andrew P. from UK, 02.04.2016:

Dear Dr Nicolaus, Dr Spasskaya and all other BCA staff,

Thank you all for treating me and looking after me so well for 3 weeks between 14.03.16 and 01.4.16.  A warm thanks, in particular, for everyone’s helpfulness, kindness and patience throughout the stay.

As indicated, I am feeling much better than when I arrived at the clinic.  I appreciate there will still be ‘ups and downs’ for some time, while bacterial infection and inflammation continue to subside, and as a result of some possible further Herxheimer reactions.

Attachment 1 is my completed survey about the Compact treatment, which you will see is extremely positive.  Possible suggestions for BCA’s consideration are given in Attachment 2.

Overall, BCA, Augsburg and its staff are exemplary in my view… I wish we had a similar Lyme clinic in UK.


Cristina Ichim, 35 years old
Bucharest, Romania

It started in 2012 when i was feeling very sick and it got worse and worse due to medication they gave me…especially cortisone. I remember January 2013 when i said to myself…that’s it..my life is over.

I could not see…and i could barely move my arms and legs and the pain was terrible when i entered BCA clinic in March 2013. I did the tests and met Dr Hubner.
We had a very intense chat and he tried to understand in detail my past. He made me understand that I need to fight…it will be a long process but I can heal completely. This I could not believe but I wanted to fight…so I did the first choice of having the natural treatment.

It is November 2015…i am out of antibiotics since 2 weeks…not only that i do not have symptoms anymore but I feel healthy and younger than before.

Thank you Dr Hubner for saving my future…now I can take care of my family and my twin girls.

I am writing this because I remember the struggle i had to take back in 2013 when deciding which direction I should go. If you are in pain or frighten…I know how it is…and i am the leaving proof that there is a cure for this terrible disease.


S.K. from Australia, June 2015:
I cannot express how grateful I am for giving me the opportunity to regain my life and health. Your support encouragement and continues belief in me has been on credible. I will be forever grateful for all you have done for me and I will never forget how caring and helpful all the staff are and my time here at BCA.


A.O. from Australia, August 2015:
to everyone @ BCA
Thank you for all your support and assistance and best wishes during our stay in Augsburg and for all your care at the BCA !

M.G. from Austria, August 2015:
Vielen Dank an BCA. Man wird hier echt gut behandelt und die Therapie ist sehr wirksam.Es bemühen sich echt alle Mitarbeiter und man wird hier nicht als Patient, sondern als Mensch gesehen und behandelt. Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass hier 2 verschieden Arten von Behandlungen angeboten werden……

O.Z. from Munich, Germany, November 2012:
…..Die Therapie im BCA hat nach 6 Wochen bereits großen Erfolg gebracht: das Immunsystem ist viel besser geworden… Die BCA-Therapie ist sehr intelligent, weil Antibiotika Kombination und Begleittherapien optimal aufeinander abgestimmt sind… Das ganze Team vom BCA ist kompetent immer freundlich und hilft den Lymies in jeder Lebenslage…….

A.H. from Norway, February 2012:
Dear Dr. Nicolaus and the entire staff:
vielen Dank for the excellent treatment I have received from all of you here at BCA!
Each and every one of you have met me with such a professionalism, knowledge, respect and kindness- every single day of our stay….
Thank you BCA!